Adult Eye Exams

Keep Your Vision Sharp With Annual Eye Exams

Vision is precious. The American Optometric Association recommends getting an eye exam every year because it is paramount to maintaining and preserving eye health. During your comprehensive eye exam we test for sight threatening conditions using the most advanced and sensitive instruments which can even detect systemic health disease such as diabetes and hypertension. Our staff and doctor will evaluate your vision, eye alignment and eye health and address any symptoms of dryness, redness or irritation during your exam. We maintain a flexible schedule to make it easy for you to call in or book an appointment online in minutes.

During your first visit to Advanced Vision Care and Dry Eye Spa we will need you to bring your insurance information, and identification, as well as your current glasses and contact lenses. We keep your information on file so you will not need to bring it in every time.

We assess the status of your vision, eye health and alignment, field of view, blood pressure and maculas using state-of-the-art testing instruments. We’ve done away with the annoying “air-puff test” and replaced it with the “I-care” technology which is the latest in accurate, “no puff” eye pressure testing. Your doctor will explain your test results and review your optos retinal exam to evaluate the health of your retinas, blood vessels, and optic nerves. Our exam rooms are equipped with the best imaging instruments available, including automated refraction systems and a digital imaging microscope so you can see what our doctors are seeing.

As we age, our eyes and vision naturally mature in ways that make us more susceptible to vision-threatening conditions, which require special attention. We perform tests which are sensitive to these changes to evaluate the progression of dry eye disease, cataracts, macular pigment density, intraocular pressure, and corneal health.

Later in life we are more vulnerable to age-related eye diseases and systemic illness that can cause vision loss. At AVC we are keenly aware of this and therefore perform sensitive tests such as the Optos retinal exam, that reveal subtle changes structure and function of your eyes that can put you at risk for reduced vision. Because the damaging effects of diseases like age-related degeneration and glaucoma are irreversible, we strive to catch it early and utilize treatments based on the latest research for the best chance of preserving your vision and preventing sight loss.

We monitor your eye pressure closely and perform specialized testing when called for in order to gain insight into your potential for developing glaucoma. We can also detect small changes in the progression of cataracts and macular changes. If we detect any suspicious signs we will work with you to build a treatment plan tailored to you.

After Your Eye Exam

Our professional staff will process any follow up appointments or prescriptions your doctor orders and assist you in filling your glasses and contacts prescriptions. We have a world class optical featuring a vast variety of frames from fashionable European lines to high tech sports frames and children’s frames. Our opticians are experts in finding the most comfortable, best-looking frames to complement your facial features. Don’t miss our attractive selection of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harsh Tucson sun. Try the latest polarized lenses for optimum visual comfort and glare reduction.

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