Refractive Surgery Consultation

Laser Refractive Surgery in Tucson

Through the advent of laser eye surgery, people are seeing permanently without glasses or contacts. If you dream of waking up and opening your eyes to clear vision, it may be time to speak to our doctors about your options.

If you are considering eye surgery for vision correction, we encourage you to book an appointment at Advanced Vision Care and Dry Eye Spa. A consultation does not mean you will be scheduled for surgery. It simply gives you some insight into the expectations, cost, and procedures available to you. Based on your consultation, you may decide eye surgery is not right for you, or that it will be just what you are looking for. During your consultation with us you will receive our professional recommendations on whether you are a candidate for refractive surgery and if so, which procedure would most likely give you the best outcome.

In addition to performing a thorough eye exam including your refractive error and corneal thickness, we’ll discuss with you your desires and expectations, as well as your visual tasks and lifestyle. This way we will be able to accurately inform you about the treatment options to help you make your decision.

Once you have decided which refractive surgery you prefer to have, we will help you to understand and prepare for each step from prep to recovery. We are here for your pre- and post-operative care and can connect you to the best ophthalmologists in the Tucson area. After your surgery, we will follow you to ensure your eyes are healing well and seeing their best.

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