Dry Eye Treatments Part 5: Moist Heat

Dry eye symptoms are often caused by an eyelid disease called Meibomitis or Blepharitis. The oil glands in your eyelids, called meibomian glands, can become inflamed due to a build up of hardened oils, dead skin, bacteria and make up, among other causes. These glands normally release oils into your eyes to prevent your tears from evaporating. With meibomitis, they get clogged and if left untreated over time, they can disappear permanently. This is why we need to treat it before it gets worse.

Dry Eyes Treatment : Hot Compress

Although there is no cure for dry eyes, there are remedies and treatments that will alleviate the symptoms and improve the condition to give relief. One of the treatments for dry eyes is applying heat over closed eyes which aids in opening the meibomian glands so the hardened oil can make its way out into the eyes. Using a face cloth with hot water can work, but it cools off after just 2 or 3 minutes and needs to be reheated frequently. Our dry eye treatment program at Advanced Vision Care and Dry eye Spa includes an Oasis heat mask  that you heat in the microwave for 20 seconds and it delivers moist heat for up to 15 minutes.

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