Dry Eye Treatments Part 3: Eyelid Cleansers

Home therapies and remedies are a key part of the success of a dry eye treatment plan, so you have to do your part for it to work well.  I prescribe foams, gels, and sprays as part of our dry eye treatment program.

Eyelid Foam

Instead of using harsh soaps or body wash, which can contain chemicals that irritate eyelids (the thinnest skin in the body), eyelid foams are gentle on eyelid skin and formulated to dissolve hardened oil build-up on your eyelashes and reduce bacterial overgrowth. Among those we prescribe are Zocular’s zocufoam, Ocusoft’s platinum foam, and Oust Demodex foam to use in conjunction with lid wipes by applying to the lid wipe or directly to your eyelids.

Hypochlorous Gel or Spray

Hypochlorous acid is an organic substance found in the body's neutrophil cells. It is an antimicrobial agent and neutralizes bacteria, toxins, and inflammatory mediators in the body. It also works to prevent biofilm formation as well as deactivate problematic enzymes. I recommend Avenova antimicrobial spray or Oasis hypochlor spray, which may be applied to a lid wipe or index finger to spread across your lashes and left on or rinsed off.

You may feel better right away, or it may take a couple of months to get noticeable and lasting relief. Be persistent and follow through, and it will pay off.

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