Even small misalignments in our eye muscles can cause chronic headaches and migraines, dizziness, light sensitivity, neck pain, dry eye sensation, eye strain, and eye fatigue. At AVC we can treat these symptoms using a technology called contoured prisms.

First we perform a 2-minute test to measure the amount of misalignment in your eyes. Once we confirm you are a candidate for Neurolenses, your doctor will prescribe your custom contoured prism glasses with your vision prescription, which are typically ready within a week!


We are thrilled to announce a technology we recently introduced into our office that has shown to be very successful in giving relief to patients suffering from chronic daily headaches with a technology called Neurolens. Based on our own data as well as from across the country, we have found that approximately 80-90% of neurolens wearers report improvement with symptoms such as headaches, eyestrain, neck pain, indoor light sensitivity and dizziness.

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